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What's Going on in the Land of Biotech

What's Going on in the Land of Biotech

What’s Going on in the Land of Biotech?


Dave Jobes, Ph.D.

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The biotechnology/pharmaceutical sector is a complex, confusing, and often contradictory business to understand. While we at Beluga will periodically write about various aspects of the business, I also wanted to introduce you to two other blog sites where you can learn more about this important, and often misunderstood, industry. The first blog site is hosted by Dr. Derek Lowe, whose site is called “In the Pipeline”. Dr. Lowe’s daily blog highlights many of the current and/or hotly discussed topics circulating in the field. There is often a fairly heavy technical/scientific angle to the articles, but Dr. Lowe often spends a portion of each post outlining the basic problem or concepts before diving into the ‘gory’ details, so I think you’ll learn a lot from reading the posts. No guarantees that this will make you a great biotech investor though!

The other one I’d like to highlight is decidedly more technical and specialized, so if you don’t have a chemistry background (or a strong interest in chemistry), this one might be a bit more challenging to read. Having said that, you can head on over to “Practical Fragments”, hosted by Drs. Dan Erlanson and Teddy Zartler. In this blog, you’ll learn about the latest and greatest goings on in a rapidly advancing area of chemistry and drug discovery called ‘Fragment-Based Drug Discovery’ (FBDD). More and more of the drugs we all take, or will take in the future, use this approach and it holds tremendous promise to help pharmaceutical companies make drugs in a more efficient and cost-effective manner.

So while you’re eagerly awaiting the Beluga blog posts on the biotech/pharma industry, head on over to these two sites where you’ll be exposed to some really fascinating insights into the biotech industry!