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Two Great YouTube Fitness Channels for Men and Women

Two Great YouTube Fitness Channels for Men and Women

Try these YouTube Fitness channels for men and women to learn some new exercises & routines to get and stay healthy


Dave Jobes, Ph.D.


There are lots and lots of fitness channels on YouTube but there are two in particular I wanted to highlight here that I think you’ll enjoy visiting and learning from: Athlean-X and Athlean-XX for Women.

What separates these from the thousands of others you’ve probably seen? Their approach combines understanding the basic science behind each movement, with common sense and practicality. Each exercise is very clearly and simply shown, in enough detail for you to try them on your own. Importantly, they also teach you what NOT to do, and why, so that you don’t hurt yourself.

Jeff Cavaliere, who is the main trainer on Athlean-X is pretty funny and does very entertaining things like drawing on himself with a marker to call out the muscle groups used…certainly a unique, and effective, approach! It is refreshing though to see someone who is clearly passionate and dedicated to getting us all healthy, and I think you’ll enjoy watching the various videos and incorporating some new exercises into your routine to freshen up your workouts.