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Sooth a Crying Baby with "The Hold"

Sooth a Crying Baby with "The Hold"

Sooth a Crying Baby with “The Hold”

By Dave Jobes, Ph.D.

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If you’ve ever been around a screaming, crying newborn, or watched helplessly (and sympathetically!) as a new parent deals with this, then you’ll definitely appreciate what you are about to read and see. And if you are a new parent, at 3am when you are at wits end, you might want to try this technique!

Dr. Robert Hamilton, a California-based pediatrician, has come up with an ingenious technique to very quickly put a newborn at ease and get them to quiet down almost immediately. I’ll skip right to the video, so you can see for yourself, and I’ll explain my own experience using this technique with my cousin’s newborn (there are many other videos too).

As a scientist, I simply had to know if this worked and, recently, my cousin had a beautiful baby girl, so I was able to try it during one of her ‘little’ meltdowns (the baby, not my cousin…I’m afraid the Hold won’t work on the parent if they have the meltdown!).

During the peak of the meltdown, I followed the technique in the video and sure enough, within a matter of seconds, she stopped crying and became very still as I rocked her in the “Hold” position. Even better, within about 15 seconds, her eyes started to close, and she started to drift off! I have to admit I was skeptical before trying this, but Dr. Hamilton really seems to have hit upon something interesting here. Now as for how long this effect lasts, not surprisingly, I suspect it will depend on why the baby is crying. If she is colicky, or has some other form of physical distress, it is unlikely she’ll maintain that ‘zen’ after you stop the Hold, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the peace and quiet for as long as you can!