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Use Rotini Pasta to Deliver your Dog Medicines!

Use Rotini Pasta to Deliver your Dog Medicines!

Use Rotini Pasta to Deliver your Dog Medicines!


Beth Pernerewski

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            How many of you have struggled to get your dog to take their medicine? So many options like pill pockets, peanut butter, cheese, hiding it in food are all things that we’ve tried, to varying degrees of success. But let me tell you about a new one we’ve tried for our picky hound, Brownie, that works wonders…rotini pasta! Yes, those delicious tube-shaped pastas are absolutely perfect for hiding medicines, and they work especially well for capsules, which are a common pet medicine form.

            When Brownie developed IVDD (essentially a herniated disk…we’ll blog about this condition later on), he was taking up to 6 medications per day and we really struggled to get him to take them all. Finally, one evening while eating a rotini dish, I realized that Brownie’s medicine would fit perfectly in a rotini and, oh by the way, he loves pasta! He gobbled it right up and the best parts are that (a) you can put 1 or 2 medicines in a single rotini, (b) they are low calorie for an individual rotini, and (3) they are much cheaper than pill pockets and other standard delivery methods. And your dog will probably love the taste too! Add some gravy from his meal and he’ll really gulp them down!

            So next time you need to give your sick pup some medicine, try this rotini tip and hopefully you will have the same success we did.