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Review of “The Rise & Fall of Ancient Egypt”

Review of “The Rise & Fall of Ancient Egypt”

Review of “The Rise & Fall of Ancient Egypt”


Dave Jobes, Ph.D.

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As part of our History blog section, periodically we’ll be highlighting some books we’ve read and enjoyed, covering a range of historical topics. For our first History post, I’ve elected to do a short review of an excellent book called “The Rise and Fall of Ancient Egypt” (2010), written by Dr. Toby Wilkinson.

Many people (myself included) seem to have an infatuation with ancient Egypt. Much of that ancient culture is still present in our world in the form of movies, books, science, architecture, jewelry, foods, and even on our dollar bills, so a great deal of what we see around us has direct links to those ancient times. It’s no surprise that the Luxor hotel (a pyramid) in Las Vegas is so popular!

Dr. Wilkinson has spent his life studying this ancient culture and the depths of his knowledge comes through resoundingly in his book. “Ancient Egypt” is both authoritative and definitive in nature, and expertly introduces the reader to the rich Egyptian culture that flourished for so long. Unlike many other history books I’ve read, that tend to be a bit dry and overly wordy when describing events, “Ancient Egypt” is quite engaging and entertaining to read. Dr. Wilkinson deftly covers the culture, politics and intrigue that was part of everyday life in those times. While the book comes in at a hefty ~500 pages, it isn’t at all a sluggish read and each chapter is relatively short and glides smoothly along, and links well to the next chapter. So it is quite easy to pick up and put down the book too.

Overall, I think you’ll enjoy the journey this book takes you through and, at the end, will most certainly have a greater appreciation for what the ancient Egyptians were able to accomplish over thousands of years. It’s a remarkable phase of human history that is unlikely to ever be repeated in both accomplishment and duration.

Egyptian pyramid  Burial mask