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Our E-commerce Philosophy

Our E-commerce Philosophy

By Dave Jobes, Ph.D. (Cell Biology/Biochemistry background; Read more about me in Our Story

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     When you explore the Beluga Products site, you’ll notice two things about us. First, we strive for simplicity in what we do and in how we interact with you, our customers. At Beluga, you won’t get flooded with annoying pop-up ads, chat boxes, or anything to distract you from the browsing and shopping experience. Our goal is to provide you with access to high quality products (all natural, organic, and fun) without interfering in your life. Unlike Facebook, Google, and other sites, we won’t sell your information, for the simple reason that we won’t be collecting much, if anything, about you.

     For instance, we will have three customer levels starting with Guest where you don’t have to sign up or tell us anything about yourself. You simply browse, shop, and check out when and how you like. You’ll receive an e-mail confirmation of your order and that’s it. No surveys, no spam emails, no ‘reminders’ of items you’ve left in your cart. Nothing. There is also no pressure to sign up. If you want to, it is entirely up to you. The next level will be Junior Pod Member where, for free, you can sign up to get (a) special discounts and (b) access to special deals. You’ll only receive, at most, a single e-mail from us each week and again no surveys and no spam. Coming soon, the final level will be Premier Pod Member;  for a small yearly fee it will provide you (a) unlimited free shipping throughout the year, (b) special discounts and (c) access to special deals. It will qualify you to become a beta tester of our new products, where we’ll randomly select Premier Pod Members to receive new products (for free) to test and provide feedback. That’s it. Come and go as you please, leave as many items in your cart as you like…you have control and you won’t get harassed by us!

     The second part of Beluga that you’ll notice is that we are here to educate. I’ve been an educator and mentor for most of my life and enjoy teaching people of all walks of life, so you’ll see parts of the Beluga site (including this blog) dedicated to education. In a fun and engaging way (we hope!), we’ll cover many topics like biology, history, business and much, much more, all for free. We plan to bring in guest bloggers and vloggers and to introduce you to ideas that you may not find on other sites. So the “e” in e-commerce will also stand for education. Don’t worry, we won’t bore you with lots of formulas and technical jargon; our goal is to educate while keeping it fun and entertaining.

     So that’s Beluga in a nutshell. Sure we have great products, prices, and friendly customer service but in the end, we want you to relax and enjoy our site without feeling pressure to do anything that you don’t want to do. And if you only stop by for the educational parts, that’s OK too! We encourage you to do so.