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Beluga Shipping Policy

Beluga Shipping Policy

The Beluga Shipping Philosophy

By Dave Jobes Ph.D.

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Let us explain our shipping strategy, because it differs a bit from what you might be used to from other e-tailers. As you’ll see, we do this to keep our costs as low as possible, so we can offer great products to you at the lowest possible price.

First of all, we currently only ship to the continental US (Hawai’i and Alaska, we hope to be there in the near future so please be patient!). It will be a while longer before we are able to reach our friends in other parts of the world, but that is certainly our intention.

Second, we only have two shipping rates:

1)    $5.95 flat rate shipping for orders less than $45

2)    Free shipping for orders over $45

3)    We do plan to launch a membership service called “Premier Pod Membership” where, for a minimal annual fee, you get free shipping on all orders all the time (this only applies to the continental US). Stay tuned for that.

Third, we don’t currently offer any form of expedited shipping. Why? So that we can keep costs down. You may not know this, but shipping rates, especially “free” expedited shipping rates (and other costs), are often folded into the cost of the product, so while you may be getting products faster, you are in fact paying more for the product as a result. Most e-tailers do markups to help pay for the cost of “free” expedited shipping, since nothing is ever truly free.

We don’t mark up prices in order to offer “free” expedited shipping. We tend to think that people prefer a great deal over having faster access to a product, so we have simplified the shipping options in favor of providing you with better prices.


So here are the general guidelines for when to expect products from us:

1)    Depending on which location(s) your product(s) ship from, you should expect to receive your order within 5-10 days. You will always receive shipping information once your package has shipped so you can track its progress.

2)    You might receive packages from multiple suppliers that come at different times from different places (all in the US), with separate tracking numbers.

3)    If you need a product by a certain time (anniversary, birthday, etc.) please be sure to order ahead of time as we won’t offer rush delivery.

So that’s our shipping philosophy. I’m sure some people will love it and others will prefer faster shipping, but overall, we feel this is better for our customers, especially as more and more families focus on keeping costs down. Tell us what you think at hello@belugaproducts.com.